Kingdom of the Desert Winds

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This site is set up to work both as a group site for the sharing of information and roleplaying as well as a avenue to share both group pages and persona pages. Take the time to look over the site and perhaps build a persona site to link to your membership here. Lets give it a chance and if its works for the majority of the Kingdom then I will shift the sites status to remove the advertising on the pages, for now the site is free to use by all.

This website is set forth for the members of the Kingdom of the Desert Winds, For the purpose of sharing information and roleplaying related to the game.The Kingdom of the Desert Winds is a Amtgard group.


The current Monarchy of the Kingdom of Desert Winds

 King-  Phoenix Silverhawk

 Regent- Bruff

 Kingdom Champion - 

Kingdom GMR-

Kingdom Prime Minister-  Arch Duchess Dame Roisin Derge

Regent Defender-

Site Maintained by : Countess Tarean MacCrae ( any information your park may want on this site please email me privately at ) This site is updated once a week.




Kingdom Parks

Duchy of Rivers End - Salt Lake City, UT

Duchy of Desert Rose - Elko, NV

Phoenix Rising, Grand Jct, CO

Truevale - Greenriver, WY

Fossil Ridge - Kemmer, WY

Skystone- Billings, MT

 Barony Ironhold- Orem, UT.

Enchanted Falls-Twin Falls Idaho

Serpent Valley -

 Barony Dragonspyre - Cedar City, UT

Shadow Haven -

If your park is listed here and if you would like it to have its own page within this site please

forward the information you want posted along with your park calendar to Countess Tarean MacCrae at .


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